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Two Days it Took...

Though I said a couple of days ago it would take a while for me to find backgrounds and how I said it would be weeks to find background music well...I found all of the haruhi back ground music all thanks to muhi6maple from you tube, right now I'm looking for all sources to my work to make sure I put everyone in the credits and thanks area (well I'm going put it up but currently not now) so you all see I'll be thanking alot of people and those who contribute.

As for Backgrounds I downloaded all of the haruhi episodes from season 1 right now in really good quality via torrent so I'd liked to thank the guy who uploaded the episodes (when I have time) I'm getting the backgrounds from the episode thanks to VLC (please feel free to complain that thank people to much) and well my background percentage shot up to 25% I still got season 2 to get and episodes 7-14 from season one and so far it's turning out great.

That's it for today also the picture I uploaded now is a background that will go into the D

Rumours Are Rumours... Even If It's By Me.

Well if a rumour is about the project being spreading around then that's fine and all but if you need any new rumours then I got one for you, a 4th project might be taken into consideration by me the Haruko series though it's not real I would enjoy the idea of the gender bender theory into test on a visual novel creating a huge variety of what if situations so I'm not saying I will start it, it's just I might consider it when I'm done with at least 2 of the current projects.

Update Forums!

Now that I think about it there isn't much talk around lately (what I meant is the lack of interaction or a site where people can gather about visual novels and Haruhi Suzumiya stuff so I've made a forum for everyone to gather on and explore so it's still in development but however anyone can still post and create accounts so please go ahead I'll upload more sections to the forums when I get the chance so you have to wait (dunno how many times I said that!)

So the new forum site is called


Welcome to the homepage of The Haruhi Project - Visual Novels where the aim here is to create visual novels from the Haruhi light novels to make reading more relaxing and enjoyable for those who don't like reading words without any pictures (or very few)

First off my name is Harry Howlett, my other name is Codex 9 and my last one is link2link8.

  • Most of my posts are on the blog if you need to know how the project itself is going.

  • The main page is where I post information on other Haruhi based things and such.

  • If you have any questions please post in the blog or the tell me page.

  • The music page is where I will be uploading music and such from the visual novels I'm making.

  • The tell me page is where you can ask me anything I've also uploaded my email if you need to contact me or any other questions but if not then well my email is

  • Pictures won't be up until October so I'll apologise to any unhappy faces but trust me you won't be disappointed....But I've uploaded one picture for those that are desperate.

  • FAQ will be there for any common questions.

  • I will put up a download page on day of release of a project so your still going to have to wait.   

  • And the final page (I think) will be the video page where I will upload trailers for each of the projects within October.

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