The Haruhi Project - Visual Novels


Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Visual Novel Music Set 1

Artwork Itself : Well I'll Admit I really thought this would turn out bad but I really like this one!

Music Itself : I will release the album when It's finished so please wait for this one to come out soon, (it has 6 song's on it) and all of them are the vocal remixes in this specific novel. Truth is I'm looking for remixes to go with the albums so I so not take ownership for any of the songs whatsoever.

Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya Visual Novel Music Set 3

Artwork Itself : This was my most favourite artwork I had worked on so I think this is the best one yet

Music Itself : Same as Music Set 1... I will release this soon Example songs would be the remix of "Super Driver" from season 2, and the main theme of this novel "parallel days" remixed for enjoyment. same as set 1 it has 6 songs on it and I've already got 3.

Indignation of Haruhi Suzumiya Visual Novel Music Set 2

Artwork Itself : I was hard to create a cover but somehow I nailed it, this one seems more... colourful I guess.

Music Itself : Well...Haven't found any songs for it yet (just started on this project) but I'll say each song is based on each character on the cover (so that's 5 songs) so let's hope for the best ones which I can find.

Also Don't use covers without permission from me first (well I'm not stricted just let me know if your going to use it at least on the tell me page.)